We focus, create, and provide all things innovative so our clients can achieve their strategy and go forward with certainty.
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AIIS is a forward-thinking company, not a jack-of-all-trades. We have a great team of experts with experience within each service we offer. We focus on having a team leader in every area of services Team AIIS provides. Each team member stays abreast of current technology in their area of expertise.

Team AIIS possesses the required capabilities and experience to deliver the scale of services required, at and above the expected level of quality. We have innovative solutions that drive major, mission-critical initiatives. We build teams through partners and subcontractors to deliver systems and improve enterprise initiatives, AIIS delivers exceptional results.


We aim to provide advanced technological solutions to meet the needs of government and businesses. Our passion and knowledge of the ever-changing technology industry will enable us to educate and provide resolutions for our customers. Our superior customer service, innovation, and integrity will sustain profitable growth.


We aspire to become a leading force in our industries of focus and eventually establish a presence in the competitive market. We pledge to adhere to the highest professional standards to achieve our goals and be the best in everything we do and we go out of our way to provide the best business solutions.

Corporate Values

  • Integrity – Be honest and transparent; Demonstrate ethical standards and behaviors; Display courage of convictions.
  • Respect – Build an environment of trust; Value other peoples’ strengths and ideas; Treat others with care and dignity.
  • Safety – Follow safe standards of practice; Maintain a safety-conscious workplace for ourselves and each other; Ensure a safe community for our residents.
  • Fairness – Create equal opportunities to learn and grow for all employees; Demonstrate approachable leadership; Strive to communicate with purpose and clarity.
  • Cooperation – Encourage collaborative relationships and unique partnerships; Strive for innovation and efficiency by being open-minded

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