Cloud lets you deploy IT resources when and where you need them without any limitation.

Where traditional IT always was a burden and its inflexibility often delayed or even made projects impossible, Cloud lets you deploy IT resources when and where you need them without any limitation.

Virtual Private Cloud

With our Office-in-the-Cloud service, you get a simple Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. We go all the way! We make sure you have the required servers to power your centralized applications as well as the right number of desktops to serve your employees. Our team sets up your complete office in our Enterprise-grade Cloud infrastructure.

AIIS Cloud Services

All of our products and services include a comprehensive set of Disaster Recovery tools! Data image backups are taken every 30 minutes. Our Disaster Recovery is the most comprehensive service in the marketplace. Companies too often look at Cloud as a purely financial or purely technical project. When you consider the value of agility and time-to-market as a value attribute to your business, this is when the picture starts to be more complete.

Secure Cloud Connection

With our Office-in-the-Cloud Service, any of your data is just that: Yours! All your virtual machines, desktops, and Servers are behind a fully configurable firewall that is layered. We guarantee the utmost security and data encryption while storing your data on your expandable storage pools. Your data is stored at locations within the United States!

Data Replication

With Cloud Solutions security is complete and present all the time. There is no need to install secondary IT platforms allowing you to overcome disaster. There is no need to install additional DR processes or even DR tools. Solid Cloud platform offers you a complementary DR process that brings the same value as having a secondary office with a secondary IT platform with a secondary IT staff. With that difference, you do not have to pay for or manage all these secondary resources.

Your Future Office in the Cloud

AIIS is a Cloud Services Provider or CSP that caters to the requirements of State, Local, Federal, and businesses of all sizes. Small businesses need a rich set of capabilities to minimize the cost of their IT efforts, while State, Local, Federal, and large businesses have complex IT Infrastructure demands. AIIS solves these fundamental problems by offering tailored cloud solutions coupled with Cyber Security and Managed Services designed for each segment.

Hosted Public Cloud IT Infrastructures for small businesses that provide Desktop-as-a-Service. Hosted Private Enterprise-class servers for State, Local, Federal and large businesses delivering Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). All are customized to suit our customers’ needs.

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